Table display

Can anyone tell me why if I display a dataset in a table, then scroll to the end of the table and select the row, the table redisplays from the top.
If I then scroll to the end and select the same row the table doesn’t redisplay.

This forum is dedicated to Wix Code. For questions that are not related to code you can contact the Wix support team . You’ll get better help for your problem there.

I have the same question, and when I submitted it to the Wix support team, they said I needed to submit it to the Corvid team, as coding would be needed. Could you help on what coding would keep the table position after a row is selected?

It’s so long ago I can’t really remember but it was in the days when I didn’t use code. I found the solution myself and told support but I don’t know how to find the ticket. I think my my solution was to change something in ‘manage table’ maybe automatic vs manual but I can’t really remember. Good luck.

Thanks fridayrides. I changed to Automatic, and now no more returning to the beginning when I click. It shows the entire list, so there’s no scrolling within a fixed area, but that’s fine. Thanks, again.