text links are not clickable in mobile site on iphone

text links are not clickable on ipad and iphones on mobile or desktop side

Can you please share a link to your site and specify the name of the page?

if you go to the site with andriod or windows the footer links are all clickable. but ipad iphone it is not.
also since you are at it. if you go with mobile click on the menu bedroom and chose beds lets say it opens the page without the gallery loading. i have to refresh then it loads, then when i click on an item it goes to the item page but again i have to refresh to open the gallery.

Roi any update on above?

Are you using safari?
If so, go to this article:

Roi I am Not trying to edit the site with safari. I am trying to view the website with safari. the footer links are not clickable. if you go to my site with ipad or iphone and click on any links on the footer its not clickable but with samsung andriod it is