Text scrolling over the top of menu?

Im having issues where my text in a section is scrolling on-top of my menu. I have tried bringing the menu to the front but it is not working. Header is pinned to top of page. Someone please help.

First make sure your header isn’t over-lapping the content below. Then make sure your header is ARRANGED to BRING TO THE FRONT

Header isn’t overlapping the content. It is meant to when scrolled so the header is always visible. Header is arranged to bring to front. still got the same issue

Have your content SEND TO BACK ? Can you screen shot your layers with the header selected, please?

If its any help it only does it when I am in preview mode or other editors are in preview mode. Doesn’t overlap in edit mode.

What is the margin-top setting on that content block?

Are you meaning the container thats under the menu?

The last page I work on is the only page to scroll under the header. when I go back to edit, change pages and go back to preview the page that worked before no longer works. without changing any settings.

@kirstie00654 I’ve done the check on live version of the site, and cannot longer see the problem, were you able to resolve this?

I found the problem was only on the preview.