The features provided by Wix

I intend to develop a recruitment website using Wix (and its relevant tools). We have been using it as trial and found it quite useful. My basic requirements are as follows:

  1. I will be using a customised web address.

  2. I will have at least one customised email address (‘attached’ to the web address).

  3. Candidates and employers alike will enter registration data into the site. Do I use standard RDBMS packages (like MySQL/Sql server/Oracle etc.) or there are packages provided by Wix? If I use standard packages, how does that work commercially?

  4. Candidates will upload CVs. What mechanism we will have to download/store these CVs and can retrieve them efficiently.

  5. As we will have at least one customised email address, how do we send emails from this mail box? Do we have to have a copy of the MS Outlook or the Wix website developer gives us a host email editor - accessible from our customised site?

  6. For this purpose, I intend to take a Combo subscription for one year. Will that subscription suffice?

  7. What is the cost of purchasing one customised email address?
    If somebody can throw some lights on these queries, I will be grateful.
    Many thanks,