the menu in the AccountNavBar not refreshing when a page changes on a mobile device

Hello everyone,

How to change the menu item state on mobile device if the current page navigate to another page.
in example:

there is 3 menu item (AccountNavBar) : - “chose an option”, - “My account”, -“Logout”

the current page is account page of menu item “My account” then I navigates to another page via;

but when the page changes to “myotherpage” the menu item state still in “My account” .
what I want is the current state of menu item is in “chose an option” when the page is changes.
how to solve it, please help

**another case
seems the menu in AccountNavBar not refreshing in mobile device if the user change the location url.
in example the current user location in MyAccount Page then the user want to back to homepage by clickin link “HOME” on the page after that the item menu state on AccountNavBar still in “My account”.

the problem is when the user wants to back to “MyAccount Page” with the menu in AccountNavBar the user must select “chose an option” first then select “My account”. that’s really annoying.

this happens only on mobile device. (android,iphone or browser emulator)

Thank you.