The New Menu Feature or Function!

It is quite annoying, that I cannot move the pages around the way I want.

I wanted to move the page " Start 2 " up to the second position.
But I could not, because I have the page " Produkte " in the way and this page has sub-pages.

So, if I wanted to do this, I’d have to set all of the sub-pages under " Produkte " as main pages. And then move " Start 2 " up, and then set the other pages back.

It seems like, you cannot move a main page above a sub-page.

Am I doing it wrong? Or is it a bug or a missing function?

Could be a bug or local issue. I would recommend refreshing the page or updating Chrome to the latest.


It is not working anyways!

I have changed the sub-page to main pages. But I could move the “Start 2” only one step up; after that it did not work.

Thank you for your answer and the demonstration. But what you did in the video is something else.
The navigation tab is different from the menu on the page.
In the navigation, everything is fine.

That’s really frustrating and time wasting.
I could not move a page, even when I had only 3 pages in the menu. Not up! No down!

I think i am totally unaware of this. Is it a new feature? Could you show me how?

You can have many menus on your page and each one can contain different/specific pages.

Before this feature was launched, you could still have many menus on the page, but once you hid a page in the navigation, it would disappear from all menus.

Just click on the menu and then on " Manage Menu ". There you will see the options.


@dee4charlotte You’re welcome.

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it’s Pavlo here from the Editor.

Could you please share with me the website you are experiencing issues with?
I will try to help asap

Hi Pavlo,

What happened to the new menu management feature? Did it get turned off? I don’t see it anymore and haven’t done for a good few weeks now.

@roberthamilton hold on just for a while, you should hear from me very soon. But to answer on your question, some sites and accounts are under the new menu management experience