The product information is not loading on the page.

I want to create a product page with a layout different from the one provided by Wix, but I can’t load the product on the page. At first, I used a regular page, but it would be too difficult for me to manipulate the product URL path {Slug}. I’m just a designer who knows a little bit of code. So I decided to convert the page to a dynamic one, using the data set to load the product name and description, and the code to load the rest of the product information. However, only the information from the data set is being loaded, the code does not show any error message in the console, but it doesn’t work either. This is the code snippet where the product information is being loaded.
I’ve tried to find examples on the Velo site, on the internet, and even here on the forum, but nothing worked. So I created this topic.
This is the code file, and I thought it would be better to provide the link rather than post a part of it because I don’t know where the error is. The code is on GitHub Gist.

I see you are importing wix-data and not using it. My guess is that you are not querying for the product to actually retrieve it, but this is hard to say as that file is very large.

Perhaps this may help guide you

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