there is a code so the expiration day of a plans is based on number or a counter, not in weeks or month

Hello I need a code so that the expiration day of the plan that any member buys has been based on the amount of click that will be shown as a number in a dropdown, when the member clicks 10 times and the dropdown reaches number 10 automatically the plan it reaches its expiration date, in general I would like the expiration of the plan to not be based on the time weeks or months, but based on a counter or when reaching a certain number in a counter, Thank you guys

So whats the problem ?

  1. You have a CLICK-COUNTER!
  2. You expiration-date will always be the curret-date and time.
  3. How it would work for you?

You press a button → COUNTER → counts-up! (1,2,3,4,5,6,…)
You define/declare a max. → counterNumber = 10!
You generate an if-else-satement…

if() { ..... } 
else { ..... }

You put some logic into it…
If my counter reaches → 10 ← set the expirationDate to → current DATE

Yes, I got the same idea, but you have an example of the code, how it looks like, thank you

I would suggest you to break your project in little peaces.

For example → first figure out how to create your counting function for tracking purposes.

Here you will find a little and very simple example for this. A RETURN-function (but it is not a must) to use a RETURN-function.

Put your code step by step together, this is how coding works.
The more invested time → the better working code and more quality and stability.

I am not here to code for you → this would be a SERVICE and you must understand that SERVICES are normaly paid.

But i as you can see i can give you EXAMPLES and can direct you into the right direction. All the rest → it’s on you!

If you consider to hire a DEVELOPER/CODER for your PROJECT, you can do it either here…

Or if you found someone here from FORUM you like to do your codings, just try to contact the person. You have the possibility to take a look into everybodies —> PROFILE.

@russian-dima thank you sir