Time picker value not saving to DB.

I have a time picker with “Text only”, “hh:mm” format. Required = true;
The initial displayed value is –:–

  1. If I fill only hours, (05:–) and then move to the next field, the time picker value is completed with zeros (05:00). But it is not saved to DB.
  2. If I manually, explicitly fill in hours and minutes (05:00), the value is saved OK.

I tried to compare behavior of two identical time pickers filling them by method 1) and 2). The values of the filled fields are the same (‘===’), but the field filled with minutes autocompletion (method 1) is not saving.
What I also discovered – with method 1 the onChange event is not fired.

And what was your question or suggestion?

Well, the required field with the correct value passes validation but saves blank value to collection. It is definitively a problem. I am seeking for an advise to resolve it or/and to accept it as bug report.

Then we probably should tag Yisrael.

@yisrael-wix Question goes on you :grin:

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Hi Oleg,
This appears to be an issue related to our performance rollout. Can you please share the URL for your site? Thank you.

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@marlowe-shaeffer Can I send it with private message?

@oshulyak Hi again, I just sent you an email. Thanks.