TopCoder Open Hackathon Challenge

Last month during TopCoder’s signature coding competition event, the Velo team held a hackathon for those tuning in to the TopCoder Open’s Live Stream. Participants had 48 hours to build an app using Velo and Wix that would transcript audio to text. We wanted apps that would allow end users to upload an audio or video file and then access the text transcription of that file. Participants could use any existing 3rd party AI Transcription service or build their own. We challenged participates to not only complete these functional requirements, but to do so while using the least amount of UI elements and the least amount (or as we learned in the middle of the hack, the most efficient) code.

Want to take a stab at the challenge? Here’s the problem statement:

With more content than ever being captured via video and audio recordings, (web conferences, events, meetings, training, interviews, podcasts, school courses, and more) there is an explosion in demand for transcription services.

You are an entrepreneur and you notice voice transcription services are in high demand by content creators. You think to yourself “Why not make a friendly ai-transcription service?”.

Using, build a site that allows users to upload a video or an audio file, and when the transcription is completed, make it available for the user as part of the UI.

Remember to try to write the most efficient code and use as few UI elements as possible while keeping the app user friendly.

If you try your hand at this challenge, post the link to your app and your thoughts on the challenge here! Maybe you’ll even get a little something special for trying it out… :smirk:


TopCoder is also running a Skill Builder challenge with Velo, so if you are a member of the TopCoder Community, or you’ve wanted to sign up, there’s chances for more prizes building with Velo and Wix! The Skill Builder Challenge is live until the end of December.