Transferring event tickets to an other event

We had a highly anticipated event that was rained on. After an email blast, to our attendees, we had to reschedule the event however, the event had already passed and we could not move the date within the system.

People have already purchased tickets and we would like them to attend the new event with out having to purchase a new one or having to manually enter 100+ guests to a list. My question/request is: We need a way for us to seamlessly transfer tickets from any past, upcoming or on going event.

This will allow us to be able to make tickets valid for multiple events if we so choose.
I’m requesting this #feature.



@wallyaime thank you for your feedback, I’ll be sharing it with our team.

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Hi Steven, is this yet possible.

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Hi @ride360org , it is not yet possible.

This would be a great feature.

I have the same issue - is there a way to do this? That would be amazing? I’ve gone in the orders and the guest list and I do not see a way to change - I guess you can manually add a guest?