Tutorials: Which do you want to see?

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Stuck in a topic? No problem, you can request a tutorial or vote on existing requests.
Add your request below as an answer , and we’ll make a video about the most voted request.

What to do?

  • Request an example to be translated into a tutorial video.

  • Vote on the requests you want to see a tutorial of (Multiple options allowed).

  • Comply to the Community Guidelines .

What NOT to do?

  • Post multiple requests with an exact or similar topic.

  • Request an already requested tutorial.

  • Post about an existing problem.

  • Post code snippets.

  • Post external links.

  • Ask for help in a project.

Tutorials will be uploaded on this YouTube channel .

Wix Corvid Masters.


How to make dropdown filters for ecommerce store products like amazon and flipkart.

Full video tutorial on how to user google sheet as an external database.

How to create an advanced comments box for dynamic pages.

Hey Arthur :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

What do you mean by advanced comments box? What features and capabilities it must has?

Hi Ahmad😁
It would be cool to have a like button for every comment & show the number of people who liked it (only logged in users can like a comment once). Also, it would be good to let only the owner of the comment to be able to edit their comment(only show the edit button to the owner of the comment). Wix has only done a youtube tutorial on how to create a simple comment box for a normal page. - thanks.
P.S. I saw on your new channel that you are creating tutorials every day!

Well understood! Will create a tutorial for this if your request got the highest votes :blush:

Currently there are no tutorials videos on the channel, only showcasing videos, you wan users to be able to edit their comments somewhat like the reviews section (- YouTube)?

Record Audio In Website.

Upload The Recorded Audio To Database.

Hi Ajit,
ok, uploading music is not hard is it? You just need to make a form to upload the music and show it on the site using repeaters. Recording Audio would be a very helpful tutorial for everyone (I’m shore).:grin::grinning:
You will have to add a upload button and just change the settings of the upload button to —> audio.

Arthur, you’re violating the 5th rule of the " NOT to do " list.

@ahmadnasriya Firstly, congratulations on your new YouTube channel and joining the Corvid Masters group. (I recently decided to leave the group myself.)

If I may make a few suggestions. I’m sure the link that @arthurvalatin posted from the official Wix YouTube channel does not really violate the ‘external links’ as that video was created by Wix themselves (just like this Forum was).

If you are trying to jumpstart a tutorial channel I suggest you have less rules and a little more flexibility, especially when trying to engage and grow your audience. (The more rules you give your potential audience, the less likely they are to engage with you.)

Also, if you are looking for content to create you could always read the incoming posts to questions that this Corvid Forum receives on a daily basis. There are over 1,000 pages of questions that could potentially be a successful tutorial video for you.

Or if you’d like to collaborate to have exposure to a Corvid audience on YouTube, feel free to contact me to organize something. I’ve collaborated with other Wix Experts and Coders for different tutorial medias.

And lastly, also feel free to post a link to your channel on my FB Corvid group to get additional exposure to another Corvid audience that may be interested in what you are trying to do. (I won’t post a link — just look up ‘Totally Codable’)

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Sorry, I forgot. I will take the link out - sorry. Always was a trouble maker & try hard to follow the rules , but sometimes just can’t follow them - sorry😅

Hey @code-queen ! Thank you for taking time to read this post and taking a look at my YouTube channel :blush:.

You’re absolutely right! I’ll try to make less rules, and regarding the link provided by @arthurvalatin , I knew it was a link to the official YouTube channel of Wix, this rule was chosen to let this post serve only main purpose of it ( voting ), and didn’t want to turn it into a discussion post, at the moment, a voting page is being develop to serve this purpose and to avoid things like this.

I’ll defiantly contact you shortly to organize something, and I think it’s worth noting that you was the first person that I watch a tutorial video from, and it was just a basic storage API thing.

It’s okay Arthur, I, and everybody else forgot the rules and break them unintentionally, so don’t panic. :wink:

Hey @code-queen :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thank you for taking time to take a look at my YouTube channel, for reading through this post and for your kind offers, I’ll gladly accept them. :blush:

Regarding the 5th rule, I knew it’s a link to the official YouTube channel, yet the rule was chosen to keep the post as clean as possible, serving only the purpose of the post ( Request & Vote ), I just didn’t want it to turn into a discussion post.

I totally agree with you, I need to make less rules, and your advice is greatly appreciated, I’ll be in contact with you shortly to discuss about the topic in details.

Don’t worry @arthurvalatin , it’s okay to break the rules once a while, we all do :grin:


One last day for the voting to end! If you have requests add them below or vote on existing ones.


And ironically you and I ended up making it a discussion … lol. Ooops!

I surely did :grin:

We surely did :grin::joy:

Congrats @ssaurabhsinghind762 :confetti_ball: Your request was chosen!
Keep an eye on the channel in a few days