Type error when using an approved npm package

Whilst waiting for my organisation to create a Stripe account, I am trying to create a pdf receipt upon pressing a button using the jspdf-qz package, which is an npm package approved by Wix. I’m getting a type error when I open the page in preview. I’ve not used jspdf before, so the code is extremely simple. The type error seems to be having trouble reading a webpack chunk that I have never heard of: cpcsz, which I should open in cpcsz.js

I can’t find a cpcsz.js, and I’m not sure it exists. I don’t know what to make of this error. Has anyone come across something similar? (This is the verbose version of the error message, below.)

Hello. I don’t have any insight into that error, but there is another post from someone who successfully integrated jsPDF. Perhaps something here will be useful. Check it out .

Thank you - that is helpful :blush:

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