TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'headers')

So this started recently, around 3 days ago. My web app was working completely fine until I started noticing something totally wierd.
What is happening:

  • When I visit my website, after around 1 mintue or navigate to ANY page

  • Not only do I get a error 500 timeout, the console begins to spam an error saying:
    " Uncaught (in promise)
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘headers’)
    at platformized-data-response.js:20:36 "

  • When I click the " at platformized-data-response.js:20:36 " in the console it takes me to this error line:
    " var requestId = error.response.headers " (And I don’t even understand what that means)

  • Then when I refresh the page, my website won’t connect. It says:

  • " This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset ":

  • After after a while (like 2 mintes) of my website being down. It comes back up then loops back to the same thing again.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Minimize the use of Promise.all()

  • Remove setInterval

  • Restore site version 5 days ago (thinking I added a new code that messed it up, wrong)
    Things I suspect:

  • Wix servers is down for my account

  • I’m outdated in the wix Users update, I still use alot of wixUsers.currentUser.id.

  • My internet (can’t be tho)

  • Wix servers has an error

  • My current wix plan. I think I’m out of bandwidth in my combo plan (Didn’t get notified as wix said they would so I doubt it)
    There can be a whole lot more reasons behind this. The ones I’ve tried didn’t work the ones I suspect is just not it :(. I’ve been working on this website for 3 years, if this is how I quit I would be very disappointed. Please somebody help me

website: https://www.soundlytude.com/

DJ bon26

I’ve been experiencing the exact same issue with my site, started about a week ago as well. :frowning:

I’m glad its not just me so now we know its a wix problem. Hopefully it resolves by itself.
Is you website heavy? (I’m asking to figure out what we are both doing wrong)

@okeyiwobi not sure what you mean by “heavy”? It does seem to have resolved itself a bit (at least I haven’t run into the issue in the past couple of days).

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Same problem here. Wix, please advise and/or fix!