Unable to change pictures in dataset

Hi guys!
I’m in a bit of a pickle, the website should be done tomorrow asap and I kind of had it running smoothly until I wanted to perfectionate it and all hell broke lose.

Basically I have a dataset of Speakers for an event. I had them listed in Content Manager, and had some pictures linked to each of them but these were not the final ones.
I have deleted all the pictures (in my media gallery) and the links to these pictures in the dataset and uploaded the new pictures in the media gallery in the meantime.
However… When I try to click on the little “+” sign I CAN NOT CHANGE the picture and link it to the new one I uploaded. It only show this little circle that turns around and around.
At one point I also had an error for my “internal server”, that the website couldn’t connect to. I tried clearing cache which fixed the internal server problem but not the picture problem.

(website is: www . bam . bruegel . org , you can see i have several containers linked to the dataset that now make it look horrible because of this issue!)

Help! My boss wants to send out the newsletter to promote our event tomorrow!!! I’m stuck!

How can I fix this asap? I am trying everything in my power, all help is much appreciated!


Having the same problem with file uploads today

I think there are some update-changements on Wix-side, the errors could be caused because of this. As you can see, a new feature was integrated “Signature-Field” (to find in the “Input-Elements”).

So, i suggest to wait a while, even if the BOSS is waiting :grin:
But perhaps in this case, a member of Wix-Support-Team could help you.
Take a look here…

Hi Emmeline,
It should be working now. The problem seems to have been resolved.

It does work! :slight_smile: i am so relieved thank you Jack!!!