Unable to fetch data from Multireferenced columns in table

Greetings Everyone !!!

Need Help Please !!!

Came here after a lot of R&D on web…

am actually very new to wix, wherein am struck with a requirement

I have 2 pages

  1. Landing Page - which contains the list of courses, this is connected to Courses Dataset (course name, course id, tutor, multi-ref field)

  2. Lightbox - which contains the list of buying options, this is connected to Purchase Dataset (purchase id, purchase option, price, multi-ref field (auto-generated)).

I have created a field in Courses Dataset as multi-reference datafield and mapped it to the purchase option column in Purchase dataset, as every course will have multiple purchase options.

Now am struck on how to retrive the purchase options in the lightbox for a selected course from the landing page.

Once lightbox is opened, it should fetch the list of purchase options for the course and they should be displayed.

whatever query am trying to trigger is giving me an empty array in response.

a simple working code snippet / link / video would be of great help in this regard.