Unable to use Business Unlimited Features

Hi, is there anyone here that is on a Business Unlimited plan and unable to use the following features? ie 1000 publishable review via Kudobuzz, 250 dropshipping items via modalyst.

These features are clearly listed on this plan and is what separate it from the lower tier plan.

I have been in contact with customer service support since last week, and wasted hours upon hours on hold and discussing the same problem everyday.

It is just frustrating for small businesses who pay a premium to use a feature that is otherwise not available to use from the get go.

I am only with wix now for 14 days and my experience is a bit sour, to say the least.

Note that this forum is dedicated to Corvid. For questions regarding Premium Plans, please contact Wix Customer Care , as they know best.

Hi Kristian. Have you gotten any results yet from WIX regarding Modalyst 250 products?? Having the same issue here. Pls do let us know.

Hi I reported this December 9, I received the following reply last December 15

“Currently we believe the issue is related to upgrading the specific plan you are using, we are trying to identify exactly where the issue happens between that and our sync with apps like Modalyst and Kudobuzz and this has taken longer than usual.”

Now, December 20, I received an email explaining that they are still working on this issue and has no resolution yet.

I missed December sales because of this, waiting and waiting for their resolution “soon”.

Disappointing really

Hi Kristian any update yet?

I haven’t gotten any resolution until now. I was thinking of just purchasing monthly plan directly from Modalyst. Wix still owes me that feature though. But I can’t just sit here and wait for them to fix it. I felt being neglected as a customer. Just because I’m a small time business person who’s trying out, I don’t get the adequate response.

I used to work in an online marketplace as well and we never let a single day pass without resolving tech issues as such. I’m starting to think it’s not a tech issue because a tech problem always has a fix, at least in a day or two.