Uncaught (in promise) PlatformError: rejected handling callbacks from stale contexts at Function

Hi there,
I am getting an error in the console of the published website: Uncaught (in promise) PlatformError: rejected handling callbacks from stale contexts at Function.


The error sometimes appears, sometimes not. The error appears while navigating the website. But the website works ok! Everything was fine last year.

How can I fix it?

I am experiencing the same issue, same exact error, but the site is still running for me as well. I’d love to know how to fix it, too.

Yes, I hope Velo team will answer

As @nicolecentgraf knows, I’m following every post re this “stale content” matter. A question: do you use LightBoxes on the page where it goes wrong?

We’ve heard about this error on many occasions, but because it’s sporadic, we have a difficult time reproducing it. The next time the error occurs on your live site, please follow the steps here to report the bug, and include as much information as possible so the team can investigate. Thank you!

The site logs might provide more context as to what exactly is going on here. Usually the embedded console is not that verbose.
Velo: Viewing Live Site Events | Help Center | Wix.com

@J.D. and @Giri Zano figured it out…on my site at least, it was a lightbox causing it. Supposedly harmless. I just completely gave up on using any lightboxes on my site…they’re freakishly slow and buggy. I just use hidden strips attached to the header and code them on the master page. Much faster, and no weird “stale content” warnings.

However, I did get a stale content yesterday again for some non-lightbox reason (i just had an error in some new code…so, yeah, sporadic.)

And, yes after contacting support about 5 times, I got an answer from support about a week later. They said:
“Dev Tools failed to load source map” and “Uncaught (in promise) PlatformError: rejected handling callbacks from stale contexts” are more of the internal errors, which are not supposed to influence anything on your website. You can disregard them."

But, by that time, we had already figured out it was the lightbox.

Marlowe, I Googled this error message and it only comes up on Wix. So, unlike the “ECONNRESET” (which is a known node.js error message), this one seems to come from Wix itself. Can’t somebody do I Wix-wide search for the message and find out the cause/under which conditions it pops up?

There are a few conditions, but QA hasn’t been able to reliably reproduce them. We need more reports of these errors in production—with steps to reproduce, etc.—so we can investigate further to find a resolution.