Unexpected double slash after base URL in place of single slash

Hello everyone,

I was testing the Wix Router API (wix-router/redirect) to redirect users to specific pages, but found out such task can be done much simpler with the Wix Location API.

However, when I went to delete the router code from my site, my live version now looks like this:
mysite.com//subpage (instead of mysite.com/subpage))

As you can see from the above, there is an additional forward slash in the URL that spread across the site and its associated functions.

Now, I am looking for a solution to resolve this issue and bring the URL back to what it was. I have tried editing the page URL in SEO Setting, look for redirects in SEO Tools, rolled back to previous versions, but none of this have worked for me.

Any help is much appreciated! :grin:

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I have same issues here
I was just connected my own domain and when I look at source code on homepage, there is an extra slash after base URL.

How could we solve it? Anyone here can help ?

Hi Ming,

I just checked and it seems like the issue was resolved. How are things on your end?

yes, its fixed after few hours later, seems like that was global system issue…

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hello, I’m having the same problem right now, but I see this problem in my blog posts in general.

The “canonical addresses” of my blog pages are addressed as double slash “mywebsitecom//post/example-post” after the domain.

please help with this.

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