"Unsupported File Extension" error thrown for ImportFile API


It appears that the wix importFile API has thrown an “unsupported file extension” for a normal png file - a profile photo retrieved via Google’s APIs. I am wondering what the source of this error is, as the file is clearly a png and thus supported according to Wix.

It appears that this same import was sidestepped in a Velo example relating to using the Google OAuth flow with Wix Members, where it suggests setting an image element’s source as the profile photo rather than uploading the profile photo directly.

Any help would be appreciated.



I have just answered your ticket in our support queue.

I wanted to leave an answer here in case someone faces this issue in the future.

The image URL from your example is not a .PNG extension. If you see, it does not end in the file extension and that is why it doesn’t work with fileImport.

In this case, you will need to use a different image with a correct URL, like:

https://www.pngfind.com/pngs/m/610-6104451_image-placeholder-png-user-profile-placeholder-image-png .png