Unwanted page in menu bar

My website has an unwanted ‘More’ button that links to a page ‘Digi-X Business Internship 2019’ that says Error 404. When I was looking through Site Menu, I couldn’t find any visible page that links to that particular page. Can anyone provide any help to get rid of the page please?? Thanks

You basically have more pages in your menu bar that can physically be displayed all at the same time, hence the ‘More…’ link being added to compensate for the too many pages in your menu bar.

Or your pages have too long a name that there is not enough space in your menu bar to accommodate your pages, again hence why you have the ‘More…’ link added in.

To fix this simply make your menu bar longer to accommodate all the pages, or have less pages in your menu bar by hiding some of the pages from your menu or by putting some pages into subpages.

As for the unwanted page, as it has ‘Internship’ in the heading, check your other ‘Internship’ pages to see if any of them are not set to be hidden from menu.

Finally, check out the Error 404 here .

Thank you for your reply! The more button isn’t the main concern in my issue. I have checked in all my pages but couldn’t find a page that has the same name or link. I have done the steps in Error 404 page but to no avail. Thanks.

If you’ve gone through your whole site and you are definitely 100% sure that you have not got that page anywhere, you can always try having a look in your site history and see if you can find when that ‘More’ issue first started being shown.

Then you can restore your website to the last save before it appeared, although obviously that will all depend on how far back it is and how much work you have done to your website since then…