Update item in dataset without overwriting previous data & instead adding a new item to the dataset

Hi everyone!

I am creating a membership platform. I need a field that allows users to see their previous inputs in this field & to edit & update this input. After submitted, this new input shall be displayed on the front end. However, the new input shall not overwrite the previous item in the database but create an additional item in the database. I need this funcitonality because I want to provide another site which shows all the updates the user made to the data.

The problem:
If I use a write only dataset it does not show the previous input in the field.
If I use a read & write dataset it does show the previous input but when the input is edited and updated it overwrites the preiovus item in the database.

I already excerted all google and forum ressources for reference but didn’t find a solution.

It would be amazing if you could help me to solve this!

Thank you so much already!!! :slight_smile: