Update record in database fails


Can anyone help me with following issue?
On my site I use a repeater that is linked to my database. After the ‘kiesButton’ is clicked, I need to write 2 values to the database for the clicked container. Unfortunately I can’t get it done. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thank you in advance.


export function kiesButton_click(event) {
let $item = $w.at(event.context);
let clicked = $item(“#dataset1”).getCurrentItem();
let clickedNaam = $item(“#dataset1”).getCurrentItem().naam; // user input field

    .then( (item) => { 
        item.gekocht =  **true** ; 
        item.naam = clickedNaam; 
        wixData.update("Geboortelijst", item); 
    . **catch** ((err) => { 

let errorMsg = err;