Upload video, HH:MM:SS


I have a few questions concerning my site which im currently working on.

First: I’m currently working on a, user input, upload button where users can upload images and video’s. Now i’m having trouble finding such a upload button for videos. I only have one for images that i linked on my database but i would like to place another upload button on my site where videos can be uploaded by the users. Now my question, where can i find such a upload button, that i can link on my database?

Second: One of the values i need to know from my users is the date they want to set an arrangement with me. Of that arrangement not only the date is important but also the hour, minutes and seconds (HH/MM/SS/) of that arrangement. Now my question is, where can i find a user input where the hour, minutes and seconds can be givin by the users and which i can link to my database?

Thank you in advance

As for uploading a video using the upload button- I’m afraid that currently it’s impossible. I recommend asking for it as a feature request here.

As for user input for an hour- You can simply add 3 text user inputs, set the field type to a numbe r and add a minimum & maximum values. You can do it after pressing on the Settings button.

Good luck,

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