URL Parameters

Hello Everyone!
I’m working on a survey form that will have some prefilled answers for each participant. Each participant will receive a Link by email to start a personalized survey. The questions in the survey will be the same for everyone, but some answers need to be prefilled.

I intend to send a customized link like this to each participant:

When the participant receives the link and click on it, it will take him/her to my survey page, where some answers will be auto-filled (and read only by the way) by using the parameters in the URL I prepared specifically for that participant.

All I’m looking for is a function to read and validate each parameter received on the active URL (ANSWERQ1, ANSWERQ2, ANSWERQ3, etc, etc) to then store them in local Variables to make some calculations.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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Have you looked at this: wix-location-frontend - Velo API Reference - Wix.com ?

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Just what I’m looking for… Thank you very much Giri.

How did you do that? How can I show in text the parameters I got from the URL?

You need to query the parameter from the url using wix location and then set the value of the text field. Click on the link Giri has provided