User Input - Automatic Box, Page & Strip Expansion

It looks like for elements such as calendar that expand upon click, the container does not expand with it in that mode. It should. At least it does not do that for me.

I forgot to mention and I have not yet tested this one, but I suspect it is not considered or deployed yet based on above limit experienced, can we please get the same behavior for “hidden” fields or elements that then become visible on a trigger (if I understood the learning material correctly, that is something we can now do with a little bit of work)?

Hey Omid,
I’m not sure I get exactly what you mean. Could you clarify please what you mean by “the container does not expand with it”?

Looks like this is one feature request (calendar behavior which expands when opened)
and one bug…
The calendar is currently designed to be floating directly below the input. In your video it seems like

  1. It’s too far away
  2. It’s transparent and therefore showing everything under it. Unless you changed it in the ‘customize design’ panel, it should not be showing this way.
    I’ll get the team to look at this, thanks for the video!

I made it transparent as it was blended into the dark strip by design, that is not a bug as far as I am concerned. But appreciate moving this to feature requests.

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