User redirected based on input and button press

I have looked all over for an answer. I know nothing really about coding. But feel that what i am looking for should be fairly simple.

I want to put an input field and then a button next to it that say track.
The user inputs there tracking number in to the field press button and is redirected to the tracking page for their shipment. The company we are working with doesn’t have anything but a URL that we put the tracking number at the end of it to get to tracking page.

So user inputs the tracking number click the button and a page open up taking them to. lets say tracking/userinput

I have had no luck any help would be great.


Before i start to write a whole book of how to do it the best way and which versions/options you have to generate your wished function, just take a look here…

Old but still working :grin: !!!

!!! Good luck and happy coding !!!

!!! May the CODING POWER be with you !!!