User selects multiple items frm list & see results real-time


Let’s say that I have a list of ingredients on a page in a table, and I’d like a user to select multiple ingredients, and see them added to a “recipe” at the top (in this example, a recipe for a smoothie). The ingredients are already in the database, and displayed in tables here:
The recipe will show each item added, and a running total of the # of calories, total fat, cholesterol, and other nutrients.

The idea is for the user to be able to design a smoothie to meet the remaining nutrient goals they have for the day. Maybe they’ll sort a table by Protein or Carbs or Fiber to see what they need more of (or less of), then select items to add to their smoothie, and see what nutrients the resulting combination provides, before they go and mix it themselves.

Thank You

Could also use this idea to load in a list of songs available for karaoke, and allow singers to go to the site and submit it for their next song. They could search based on band, song title, filter by theme, decade, etc.