User specific content

I am currently developing a contact manager and seeking guidance on displaying only user-specific contacts on their respective pages (i want only contacts added by a user to show up on their contacts list). I have successfully restricted the visibility of content to registered site members. Any assistance or insights regarding the optimal approach to resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

For a web app that has these requirements, authentication and authorization are the most important aspects to focus on.

Authentication ensures you can identify who is logged in. This is accomplished through the Wix Members API .

Using information about the currently logged in member, you can implement proper authorization (ensuring the user has the right privilege before accessing a particular page). This can be done using Data Binding Router Hooks through the Wix Router API .

For example, if a user clicks or directly loads a specific contact via a url, you want to make sure the user is:

  1. Logged In

  2. Has the privilege to view the contact (the contact was created by them)

I’ve attached some useful resources below:
Data Hooks for Dynamic Pages