User Upload PDFs - Archive

Not sure exactly how to explain what I am looking to do (perhaps why I have found no immediate answer).

Basically, I need to be able to have a user upload a pdf every month and archive the previous uploads and update each times he uploads a new one… like a monthly newsletter or something to that effect.

I set her up with a google drive and embedded that in the site but not a big fan of how that all looks and was wondering if there was a cleaner way to accomplish this.

Just let them upload a document and store each upload in a separate collection. If you want to show somewhere only the latest, do a descending query on creation date ( a system field) and show the first.

Let me give that a try, thanks!

Giri’s got the right idea, would just like to make a small suggestion. Keep all of the docs in collection, with at least the userID, the date, and the doc. Then you can just filter by user and only display the latest.

Many different ways to do this - I’m just suggesting how I might do this myself.