Velo code working in Preview mode but not the actual published one

Hi all!

I have written some velo code for my home page. The code works well in preview mode but does not work when I try it on my publised site.

I am trying to detect the mouse position using customElement (with premium), which is taken from Tracking Mouse Move with Velo Code | Velo by Wix .

The lines of code has been reduced to only return mouse coordinates, which works fine in preview mode.
This is the code in the home-page:

It changes the text if text-element #coorText and updates it using mouse-move.js which contains the code below this one.

$w.onReady(function () {
	$w('#customElement1').on('coor', (event) => {
		$w('#coorText').text="Mouse location: "+event.detail.x+','+event.detail.y;
		//Arrow animation
		console.log('arrow position retrieved from customelement');


const functionsStr=
    `document.body.addEventListener("mousemove", myFunction);
    function myFunction(e) {
            var x = e.clientX;
            var y = e.clientY;
            var coor = "Coordinates: (" + x + "," + y + ")";
            document.getElementsByTagName("mouse-move")[0].dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('coor',{detail:{x:x,y:y}})); 

class MouseMove extends HTMLElement {
        constructor() {

        connectedCallback() {
            var funcScript=document.createElement('script');

customElements.define('mouse-move', MouseMove);

My custom element uses mouse-move.js as velo code and the tag name mouse-move.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

Kind regards, Johan

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