Velo using Salesforce Custom Fields

I was setting up the integration and it allows me to create records to standard objects and fields. My question when working with customs fields on a standard object,

  1. how do I find the name to use( Label or API name)

  2. is there any permissions or visibility options I need to set in Salesforce.

I’m getting error “INVALID_FIELD: No such column ‘Primary_Language__c’ on sobject of type Contact”

After a few hours testing I figured out

  1. The connections are to the API name when connecting to custom objects and fields use the full API name with __c

  2. Also when connecting to fields and objects check on the visibility options on the field to make sure it is set to “visible”

  3. To connect to Related Lookup fields you will need to use the _id key for that field ex. (Look up to an Account - the field is expecting the Account ID string ex. (“00O1H000006g8yuUAA”)

If you have any experiences please share below thanks.