Video Library

The existing functionality of the video library does not meet our needs. ( we have had RFE requests in forever)

I am looking at the Velo API and I do not see support for the Video library.

Video library doesnt show up in database either which might be another approach.

Anyone know why this important functionality is missing or have any other ideas?


Don’t everyone answer at once.

Hello. Could you provide a little more information about what you are specifically trying to accomplish. This might be useful for anyone passing by this post to be able to offer some better guidance and ideas.

Where is the API for the VIdeo Library?

We would love to get your feedback… anyone?

For example –
UI has drop-downs with keywords (categories)
Returns list of videos that match
ability for user to favorite video or add to list

Think in terms of videos stored on YouTube of Vimeo

Current video library is very lacking in this regard.