Video plays before closing lightbox

Hi! My page has a full-size lightbox that pops up when visitors enter the page. The problem is, meanwhile the lightbox is open, the content of my page (in this case a video), is already playing.
What can I do so the video begins to play once the lightbox is closed?

Thanks in advance.


  1. Do not use autoplay for the video - from settings panel of the component
  2. Add onViewPort event with play () function for the video component, and once the lightbox was closed, video will be in viewPort and video will start playing.

Something like this:

Hi, thank you for answering. It works, but is there any way to delete the overlay of the video that appears when it begins to play and whenever you hover your mouse over it? I tried to add the play() function to #mediaplayer, and also #columnstrip (which both of them don’t have a overlay) but neither of them work. Any ideas to do this?

First you can hide the controls on overlay:

Will check the opacity issues - sounds like a problem, that we need to fix.

Thank you! Do you know when will it be fixed?