Weekly Roundup: (Week of June 10, 2019)

An article on WixCon Nola was was recently published in the Biz New Orleans.

“WixCon Event Welcomed Web Experts from Around the World.”
To access the full article, visit the following link !

Community Announcements

  • The Wheel of Wix winners for the month of May have been announced! To see the winners video, click here !
    Master Group Announcements

Our #YouTubeGroup has 3 new videos up.

Our #InstagramExpertsGroup brings you another amazing tip this week:

  • Load time over bells + whistles! Click here to be directed to the post.
    Community Team Meetups

This past weekend the community team hosted Google Cloud Next Extended’19 in the Wix Miami office! Check out the image below.

#VoiceOfTheExperts brings you a new article!

Vector Art Shadow and Vector Art Flip:

  • You can now flip a vector image and add a drop shadow from your settings! Click here for additional information.
    Coloring Transparent Videos:

  • You can now add color to transparent videos on your site! Click here for additional information.

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