Weird left sidebar. Possible hacker? Never seen before

I was looking at my user recordings and I saw a lot of sessions from Israel, and they had access to this weird sidebar. My guess is that it could either be Wix Staff or probably a hacker so I’m a little bit concerned.

Has anyone seen this before?

If you had a lot of sessions from Israel then it is more than likely that Wix were doing something their end sometime as they are based in Israel and their main headquarters are in Israel as they are an Israeli company.

Basically any Wix user should not see the sidebar on the left and it should only be seen for Wix employees themselves.

If you are worried about this then you are best contacting Wix Support immediately by telephone to double check that it was them.

Got it, so is that like a common thing you browse sites regularly? Nothing to be concerned about?

When you say ‘a common thing you browse sites regularly?’

Note that the Corvid Masters and Ninjas in this Corvid Forum are not actually employed by Wix themselves, we are doing all of this voluntary and in our own free time, which is why we are on and off at different times as we are all from different areas etc.

It is only the actual Wix Admins and Mods of this Corvid Forum that are Wix employed, we just do it all for the love of it (honest!) and to try to help others where needed if we can, like where we all got help from others in the past too and don’t forget that even we are still learning like everybody else.

So it definitely won’t be any of us Corvid Masters who are viewing Wix users websites or having access to anything like that sidebar shown in the image. Hence why I said for you to contact Wix just to double check and clarify that it was them doing something on their side etc.

Did you maybe recently post in the forum asking for help on something and it was somebody from Wix looking at your site for that issue? That could explain the reason for that side bar if it was somebody doing that.

Hey Carlos, what you see is a panel from our internal admin tool which allows Wix personnel (and only Wix personnel) to to inspect and evaluate users’ websites. It’s part of the Wix tech support ecosystem, so no worries.

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