What does this error mean?

Error: Ambassador client request failed:
RESPONSE: “[object Object]”
See the httpStatus and response fields for more information.
at new t (http.js:34)
at http.js:83

We are getting this error on the Thank you page…we have no idea what it means. Please do not ask us to call support, every time we call them, they direct us to the Velo team and then the Velo team completely ignores the ticket. Please help us! We would like to believe that wix support is here to help, so please prove us wrong just this once!

404= “Not Found” error
Assuming that you’re using a 3rd party in your process, check the URL and parameters that you’re using, or contact the 3rd party for support.

Also assuming you’re using a 3rd Party API. I suggest you try and use JSON.stringify for the RESPONSE that way it will show the object in the console rather than just displaying “[object Object]”.

That may lead into figuring out the issue.