What member has writted in the Repeater?

I need some help, I’m just jumping in the fantastic world of programming … please!

I have a database with all the Sports Matches. I have a Repeater with the matches and with inputs, where the winner of the match places the score. (all of this inside a members area) the question is: how can I know which member has placed the score?

The issue, the owner of all the items, is me. Because I am the one who creates the items (the matches), the members just complete the input.

Second part, I placed the matches and the score together in a Table, but how could add a column with the member who has written the score, how could I do this?

Hello Raul,

your description of your issue is not the best :grin:
Would be better to see a database (or a relevant part of it).

Where do the USERs place the SCORES ? —> inside REPEATER?

Anyway, they have to press a button to verify the entered value and here is exactly the point where you can get his ID/OWNER-ID and everything what you want.

But to do it inside REPEATER it will be a little bit tricky!

See this video, perhaps it will help you. This good man here will explain you what to do…