When filtering a dataset with another dataset, can I get multiple results back?

I’m trying to use a dataset to allow members to only view certain data from another dataset (a join). I attempted using a filter to select the dataset that limits users. However, it only returns one item when multiple items exist. Is this correct?

Or do I have to use a dynamic page to get multiple results? I can’t find any documentation on this perceived limitation.


For whatever reason, my datasets are only allowing one item at a time to display and if the first item doesn’t match, no items are displayed. It doesn’t make sense. Please help.

You can set the number of items to display from a dataset in the settings, make sure this field isn’t equal to 1.

Figured it out. You have to do it with references. I posted my method here: https://www.wix.com/code/home/forum/community-discussion/filtering-1-dataset-by-another-dataset