Why is it that some sections you can resize and others you can't?

It’s absolutely infuriating. One section in a pre-canned container from EdX I can’t grab and resize… but other containers / sections snap back when you try.

Why not just remove the restriction? If I want to resize in seconds I should be able to. The only option I had that works is deleting the section and grabbing a new container, and viola… The grab / scale tool works like a charm but “this isn’t the way”

When you add a new section, by default it has a Minimum Height of 500px. If you add a container to this section, that is 280px height, the whole section is still going to be 500px because the parent section is set to that.

If you set the Minimum height of the section to None in the Inspector Panel, then that section will wrap to the size of the container that you added earlier. I think you will find it easier using the Inspector Panel to set your sizes and heights rather than dragging.

You can learn more here - https://www.editorx.com/academy/video-tutorials/inspector-panel