Why is there limitation on filtering, sorting, or using as dynamic page ?

I understand wixBooking, wixStore, and wixEvents could need a read-only collection, but why simple field cannot be filtered ?

For exemple, if i want to filter a booking/service, with the field “TagLine” which is a text, i can’t !
But i can sort by price (not filter), or filter by pricing plan (and not sort).

That is really really limited, and i don’t even know why ! (in term of security)

Can you show us the error that you get? I have never encountered this error before.

Velo: Wix Bookings “Services” Collection Fields | Help Center | Wix.com

Take the article and check what isn’t avaible !

Got it. It seems weird, you are right. One solution is to get the collection you need, filtered and then sort it out later, in an array of objects.

@bwprado Well yeah, but i mean, doing a fixed copy of a already existing data collection is a bit odd…

@edouard I understand, but without knowing what you need, I cannot think anything differently. It wouldn’t be a whole fixed copy, but one that was already filtered. It would make the app faster also.

@bwprado i just want to filter a repeater by the tagLine field (or by a field that as specificities, like strategy games, or else) to make kind of “categories” showing up in a repeater !

This is what I got for you:

After you retrieve the data from the Collection you want, you can filter it, anyway you like it, it is going to be just a regular object. Like this:

aimport wixData from "wix-data"

$w.onReady(async () => {
 //Stores all services in this variable
 const allServices = await getServices()

 //Defines repeater as a variable, you can change the element to yours
 const repeater = $w("#repeater1")

 //Stores feeded initial Repeater Data, its not going to be used again unless page is reloaded
 const repeaterData = feedRepeater(repeater, allServices)

 //Created a button that filters the Repeater with the word "Velo" as my example collection had a tagLine with that word
    $w("#button2").onClick(() => {
 let filterRepeaterData = filterDataInRepeater(repeater, "Velo")
 let updatedRepeater = feedRepeater(repeater, filterRepeaterData)

//Gets all services on Bookings Collection
const getServices = async () => {
 let results = await wixData.query("Bookings/Services").find()
 return results.items

//Feed the data to the repeater
const feedRepeater = (repeater, fillData) => {
    repeater.data = fillData
    repeater.forEachItem(($item, itemData, index) => {
        $item("#textRepeater").text = itemData.tagLine
        $item("#textRepeaterTitle").text = itemData.serviceName

//Filter data in repeater
const filterDataInRepeater = (repeater, filterWord) => {
    filterWord = filterWord.toLowerCase()
 const filteredData = repeater.data.filter(item => item.tagLine.toLowerCase().includes(filterWord))
 return filteredData