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Hi everyone. Not sure I’m in the right place here but please bare with me.
I’m pulling my hair out trying to edit the Wix bookings app. Due to Covid we need to quickly apply a scheduling system for our sports use - tennis court hire etc. which we are now officially allowed to do in the UK. I’m hoping to use the Wix Bookings app for this on our website. Changing the staff member names into tennis courts. So you can book court one through to four.
I can enter the Courts in place of staff names to enable them to be scheduled. However the title for the dropdown box is ‘All Staff’. I need to be able to change this title to Courts.
Is this possible?
This image shows what I mean. Any help for this would be appreciated as we’re trying to get this in place as quick as possible.

Thank you

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This is not a code related issue for which the Corvid Forum is for.

You would be better suited going through Wix Support for more help with this.

@mikefallows73 - I’m i nterested to know if you were able to make this work as funnily enough I’m trying to do the same thing at the moment here in Australia for tennis court bookings. Thanks, Courtney

I would also like to know how you got on. Is there also a way to auto assign these to customers rather than then having to chose themselves from the pull down menu?

Hi, couldnt get it to work. It was a pain. Ended up going with an external app (bookwhen) and embedding it. Very easy to use.

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I didnt see that functionality in there.

Fantastic, thanks for that.

This is a coding issue if it’s editing an app title wouldn’t it be?

I think you need to create a service for each court and create a staff member for each court too. Allow each staff member for each service court. Example: Service Court 1: Staff 1. Service Court 2: Staff 2.

Hi Mike, I’m trying to do something similar in Spain. Could you, please, share with me the final URL to check your website to see if I could create something similar?


It’s such a pity that the booking system cannot cater for courts. I have tried the same here ins South Africa with no luck. It’s great that a membership or subscription can be linked to the booking, but one cannot go in as Member A and book a court for Member B, C and D either. It’s more suited for appointments or classes where you fill up a spot in the class. For COVID tracking you need to be able to make a booking for yourself plus other members who are subscribed to the service.

is there a way to get rid of the staff option? i dont want to assign bookings to staff for tennis court rentals?