Wix Code Project: Help Needed to Add Audio Player to Wix Blog

Atten: Wix Coders
I have a friend who built his own Wix site: www.eatdarlingeat.net
There is a robust (original) blog (250 entries and growing 1-2 p/week). He’d like to add an audio player to allow the viewer to listen to each of the stories that are the blog posts, either on their own or while reading alone (reading-only has to remain an option too). He’s done some work with the Wix Music player but that has proven not to be satisfactory. He also spoke with Wix Support and was told what he wanted to do is not possible with the Wix player. We’re hoping that Wix Code can solve this issue. It needs to look good and be simple, minimalist.

Since I’m not a coder I’m looking to pass off this project to someone who can provide a solution. Is this something that Wix Code can do? Is anyone familiar with this?
If interested email me at palmcanyondigital@gmail.com. Thanks in advance,
(see FPO sample-only image)


Woo! I see you found your way to the Code category!! This is such a great request/idea, I’m very excited to see if it’s been done before. Keeping an eye on this! :eyes:

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So let me see if I get this,

You want to use a media player to convert your blogs into audio?

Not exactly. I want to add a audio player to the blog that will play an MP3 of the story. The client has both text and audio of each story. They want the viewer to have the ability to either read only, listen only or read and listen.

Hi, we’ll be releasing audio player support for WixCode in a few weeks. Stay tuned for updates.


Been waiting for this for so long! Fingers crossed!

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Just saw this! Any update on the new audioplayer for Corvid @danielle-raiz-wix ?

Also, @palmcanyondigital , I know it was awhile ago you posted, but I also set up a blog for a client that needed audio - We used SoundCloud. You can add an html component to a blog, then just add the html code SoundCloud provides. Yes, that means you need to set up a SoundCloud account, but I actually see this as a bonus, a social media platform that comes with a built in community.