Wix Code - Shop Varients?


I have recently had a request to perform some in-depth code to a Wix website and thought i should reach out to the forum before approaching the task at hand. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP but would just like some guidance on a particular task.

The individual’s website has 4 product variants for each product. These are sizing options.

The individual wants to disable the ‘Custom Text’ field that Wix supplies for customers to be able to write personalised messages with the order for products with certain variants/sizes.

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone could provide some guidance for the task at hand.

Wix Stores have their own support pages.

The custom field is an added field by the website admin themselves.

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Thank you for your responce.
I have indeed looked around for the support from Wix themselves but with no luck. I even spoke with a lady on the phone to see if it would be possible to disable the custom message box without needing to write any code and she explained that it is not possible and best to write a message on here.

I’d just like to disable the option for the custom message for certain varients and wondered if it was possible through code.

Yes I love WordPress :wink: