There are 741 million people living in Europe. Under GDRP legislation these people have the right to ask for a copy of their data (contact details, etc). They also have the right to ask for all their data to be deleted from the website.

On the current Wix CRM this has to be done manually, i.e. the site owner has to request a copy of the data through Wix CRM by manually typing the email address for the user who they want the data for, WIX then responds two days later.

The site owner then has to manually send a copy of this data to the user who requested it.

This is a obviously a highly inefficient system especially when dealing with a large number of users making requests. This whole system needs to be streamlined i.e. the user requests the data on the website and they get an automatic email sent to them directly from the Wix CRM containing the requested data.


This is something for the Wix team that works with Wix CRM and has nothing to do with Wix Code actually but maybe @idang of the heroes team can fill in and comment on this.

@andreas Kviby I would have thought that this would need to be implemented with WIX code in some fashion as the user does not have access to the CRM they only have access to the website.

For example the user types their email into a box on the website then presses a button which creates an onClick event to run some Wix code to request that a copy of the data be sent to their email.

Without this functionality it limits how big a Wix website can become as in order for a large website to comply with GDRP legislation they would have to employ people to constantly be manually sending emails to Wix requesting copies of their website members data or for deletion of their members data. This is not financially viabel for many starter companies nor is it financially logical to employ people to do a task that can be done more efficently though code.

The current fine for companies anywhere in the world not adhering to GDRP legislation can go as high as + €20 million. I would have thought this is a big insensitive to provide a more streamlined automatic Wix code appraoch and thus ensureing the member size of Wix websites are not limited.