Wix Database Creator not loading

Hello ! I have decided to give the database creator a try. I believe it will be a very useful tool for my site management. However, when I enabled tools for code and followed the instructions from the video on how to create a database, the window populates empty. I have checked my browser settings and all is appropriate. I have tried several times to open in editor; I even created a new website yet no response. Can someone please assist?


Not really sure what you’re trying, but the screenshot below shows how to create a database collection in the editor.

I hope that gets you started okay,



This issue might be a bug on our side and we currently looking into it.
I’ll be glad to update this thread as soon as it is resolved.


Hello and thank you both for replying. I followed the instructions as shown in your screenshot. Those were the same instructions from yesterday that I viewed in the tutorial video, however, similar response. I even created a new site to test the tool and it also was a nogo. I also confirmed my popup blocker was disabled. Still no luck. What could be the issue that is being overlooked? Thanks again for your help.

As Doron stated in his post, there is apparently an issue that is being worked on right now.

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