Wix Forum Glitch?

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the Wix Forum app, where some members are no longer able to see the “Create New Post” button even after they have logged in?

Hey @sylvesterevolvere - I’m unable to replicate it. Can you try clearing cache or even trying from a separate browser (or incognito window) to see if the issue persists?

Hi @eduardog - the issue seems to be that members’ accounts are automatically set to private. Up until about a month ago, when individuals created an account on my site, their accounts were automatically created as public accounts. I did not alter any settings to change this, can you give me some insight into why/how this change occurred and how to reverse it so that new accounts are automatically created as public accounts?

Thank you!

Im unable to replicate this - best to reach out to support via Contact Wix so they look into it

@eduardog will do, thank you. Do you have an update on a workaround for adding Google AdSense to Editor X (for either fixed or responsive ads)? The full conversation that we have been having on this topic can be found here: https://www.editorxcommunity.com/forum/general-discussions/adding-google-adsense-to-an-editor-x-site

Looking forward to hearing back from you!