Wix-Pay Console Error

Is this error happening because of my code or because of anything else because I can’t understand why I see this error?

Is your code working? Is there any reason to suspect that there is an issue? This might just be a message for use by the system team or the developers.

Understand that this forum is not a support site, and is not monitored for bugs or system issues. Please report bugs to Wix Customer Care to ensure timely handling of your problem. They track and monitor all incoming issues and will escalate bugs to product teams.

Everything works I just wondered why there is a console error and it’s probably an app error not from my code. And I will tell this to customer support. I posted it here because maybe someone knows this error and reason of it.

@loeix Thank you for getting back about this. I’m sending this on for evaluation since there shouldn’t be scary messages appearing unless something really scary is happening.

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I’ve been told that this is being taken care of.

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@yisrael-wix Thank you!

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same here // it suddenly happened