Wix Stores Product Add-Ons

Hello, let me thank everyone for their help in advance. I love this community!

I’m building an online prescription eyewear store and I need to add some important steps. Once the customer has selected the frame they want they will press “Add to Cart”. Once they have done this I want them to go to a page where they will enter their Prescription parameters and have the option to add extra features to their lenses. These add-ons should be linked to that specific frame and be found in the “cart” once the customer is ready to check-out.

I’ll take any suggestions right now. I’d like to have the site up and selling glasses within a few weeks so i’m under a bit of pressure.

Thank you again.

I guess you need to create your own add to cart button redirect your users to a custom page where they enter their details and you could use the options and product text available that will be shown in the cart and they have entered that information then you actually add the product to the cart through code.

Look here for API reference:

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Thanks Andreas, those resources are great. Do you by chance have a sample of something you’ve built like this? Maybe a site I could visit to see how it flows?

Thanks man.

I need help with the same feature!

Did you ever figure out this feature?

Were you ever able to get this function?

Hey musicolie have you done that project? If yes please help me with that.

Hey musicolie have you done that project? If yes please help me with that.

Hi Andreas , how are you? Would you be able to help me ? Is it possible you can review my website and give me some input?? I am having a difficult time adding the prescription form. Thank you!