Wix + THEOplayer?

Has anyone succeeded in integrating THEOplayer on a wix website?

It works when you embed THEOplayer’s generated iframe embed code, but I’m looking for implementing their SDK on the site. And I can’t seem to get it to work.

I tried:

  • Adding their header code in the header of my page
  • Adding their body code to the body of my page
  • Adding their body code with a custom element linked to a Velo .js file
  • Adding their body code to a HTML element

Nothing loads when I load the page (but I see THEO code when I inspect the page source). The only thing that loads the player is the iframe method, which I want to avoid for reason mentioned here , here and here .

Any idea if THEOplayer can run on a Wix site?

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

Well, just came across this note from here :

Want to embed visible code?

Add an iFrame with HTML code to display visual content on your site. If you want your site’s elements to interact with your site, and for more advanced features such as building web applications, head to Velo by Wix .

According to this, iFrame would be the only way. OK then, BUT then it should work with an HTML element or Custom Element, right? Which it still does not.